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Our insulation company stands out due to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and a proven track record of delivering effective insulation solutions. We prioritize quality materials, skilled professionals, and tailored approaches to meet the unique needs of our clients. Choosing us ensures a reliable partner for your insulation needs.

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you need additional insulation

TemperatureSTRIP IMAGE.png
Inconsistent Temperatures

Is your basement cold, while your bedroom is practically a sauna in the summer? Fluctuating temperatures are one good sign your current attic insulation isn’t doing it’s job.

Utility BillsSTRIP IMAGE.png
Utility Bills

Paying more than you need to for heating and cooling? 30% of a home’s heat loss/gain is through the attic. Topping up your insulation will reduce your energy bills by up to 35%.


Worried about uninvited guests running around the top floor? If mice, squirrels, raccoons, or any other critters now call your attic home, it’s time to think about an insulation upgrade.

Ice Dams
and Icicles

Ice dams and icicles are key indicators that your attic isn’t properly ventilated. It would be a good time to inspect the condition of your attic to ensure there is sufficient airflow and insulation.

FurnaceSTRIP IMAGE.png
Furnace & AC constantly running

If your heating and cooling system runs all day and still never seems to be able to keep your top floor at a steady temperature; your house is losing energy faster than your HVAC system is creating it and you need more attic insulation.


Our promise for a GREENER futurE

Our company is driven by strong environmentalist goals, prioritizing sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions in every aspect of our operations. From using recycled materials to minimizing our carbon footprint, we are committed to contributing positively to the environment while providing high-quality services.

We are an eco-friendly company dedicated to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Our commitment extends from using eco-conscious materials to implementing energy-efficient solutions. With a focus on reducing our ecological impact, we aim to provide environmentally friendly products and services for a greener future.
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We strive to exceed each client’s expectation for the entirety of the job. Our dedicated team is here to assist you and ensure you have the most seamless experience. Our customer satisfaction guarantee warrants that all your needs are addressed in an efficient, yet time-sensitive manner by putting your comfort first.


Our neighbour referred NDS Insulation. Totally loved their service. They were punctual, quick, professional, extremely clean, detailed and accurate, great communications, and delivered as promised.

- HomeStars User /

Whitby, ON

After home renovations and having to crawl through the attic a few times to run wires I knew I needed to add insulation. Usually I detest door to door sales but it did work in this case. They were very organized in both the sales pitch and the work. Their assessment was well done and the review of the job was great. Excellent service and I would recommend them to anyone looking for attic insulation.

- Manuel / 

Whitchurch Stouffville, ON

I was very impressed with the work that Luca and his crew did for me .They went beyond my expecting and in fact I am recommending them to all my family and friends

- Keith / 

Whitchurch Stouffville, ON

NDS Insulation Inc. Excellent customer service, team efficient and delivered as promised. Also advised us on the benefits of the energy audit which saves us many $$$$. Would highly recommend this company

- HomeStars User /

Aurora, ON

The two technicians arrived on time. They were professional and extremely courteous. After completion they reviewed what they had done and visually showed me what they had completed. In addition they did a complete clean up . All in all it was a pleasant experience.

- Bill / Burlington ON

Your solution of all your insulation issues

Lower BillsSTRIP IMAGE.png
Reduce Your
Utility Bills

Once you top up to R60 insulation, your AC and furnace will not have to run as often to compensate for the energy loss in your home. Topping up can save you up to 35% on your energy bills.

Total ComfortSTRIP IMAGE.png
Keep You Comfortable On All Floors

In the winters, heat rises from the furnace and escapes through your attic if the insulation isn't adequate. During summer, the sun beams through the roof, making the attic as hot as 80°C. Low insulation allows for the heat to reach the top floor faster than the AC can compensate. Insulation acts as a shield between your home and unpleasant external temperatures.

Rid of PestsSTRIP IMAGE.png

Uninvited guests of the four, six, and eight legged variety can leave your insulation looking like a tornado has just gone through. If you notice any unusual sounds, noises or activity in the attic, it’s best to get rid of them and have your insulation assessed as soon as possible. Blown-In Cellulose is pest resistant as it has been treated with boric acid and borate to deter animals from entering the attic.

Ice build upSTRIP IMAGE.png
Ice Dams and Icicle Build Up

Before any top up, we remove any insulation that is blocking the vented soffits. Once the soffits are clear and there is sufficient airflow in the attic, it is imperative that we install baffles to ensure the attic is properly ventilated. 

Reduce Wear-and-Tear On Your HVAC System

Lack of insulation means that your furnace and AC needs to work twice as hard to keep the temperature ideal throughout the home. As a result, you’re going to be paying more for maintenance and might need to start thinking of replacing it sooner than you’d like. Adding insulation prolongs the lifetime of your heating and cooling systems.

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